Summer Camp – Creative Writing

We’re delighted to announce our special online Summer Camp for your young writers. The camp will run throughout the summer months of June, July & August.

What does the summer camp include?

Children receive feedback on their writing from our team of tutors. 

Special Summer Camp writing lessons sent every week.

Entry into a special global writing competition. 

Fun certificates and prizes to be won. 

Children can also connect with other young writers around the world!

*Plus access to all of our usual online literacy activities and games.

In fact, we have also launched a brand new game, just in time for the Summer Camp. It is a spelling game called Word Wings. Your children can play this game with the magical animals they create in their Night Zoo.

How can my children take part?

If you don’t already have a Night Zookeeper account, then you can set one up using one of the links below:

UK Children | US Children

If you are already a Night Zookeeper subscriber, then your children will receive all the activities to their existing account.

You may also be interested in:

A special offer in our bookshop this summer. Use the code SummerCamp to receive a 20% discount.

A fun Summer Activity Pack available free to download here.

An exciting list of writing prompts for June.

We would like to wish everyone a great summer! Stay safe!

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